Our Services

Dr. Blackman, Dr. Lutmer and Dr. Mahmood provide specialized endocrinology care for diseases that affect your complex system of glands and hormones.

Treatment and management of:

  •      Diabetes
  •      Thyroid disease and cancer
  •      Thyroid, adrenal, lipid, pituitary and gonadal disorders
  •      Metabolic disorders
  •      Osteoporosis
  •      Over or under production of hormones
  •      Hypertension and cholesterol (lipid) disorders
  •      Continuous glucose monitoring

We do not treat male or female infertility. We also do not treat gestational diabetes.

Insulin pumps:

We work with both of the major insulin pump providers. Once a Type I or Type II: Diabetic is identified as one who would benefit from Insulin Pump therapy, appointments will be scheduled to see the appropriate pump trainer here at our office.